Boom, boom, shake, shake the room

Ooooooooh Daytime Lover came over today. It’s always just a last minute thing. I woke up this morning to a text asking if he could come over today. He lives far away so he just stops by when he’s in the area for work. Lucky for me that was today. I’ve been wondering if my vagina is broken because I haven’t been in the mood for sex, or gotten the coochy tingles in quite some time. As soon as I knew he was on his way I got the tingles, got out the Magnum condoms, and hopped in the shower. Hell to the yeah!

Normally he likes to sit and talk for a while first, so I figured I’d get around that by already waiting in bed for him. We exchanged pleasantries and then he got to work. He must have been in an urgent need for sex. He had this forceful passion about him that led me to believe he either a) he was really excited to see me or b) he hasn’t had sex in a long time. Whatever the answer may be; I don’t care. His hands engulfed my arms and he pushed me on to my back where he got his arms on each side and lifted himself above me and then dove in to kiss me…..for a while, and with some force and passion behind it that I’ve not ever seen before. It was like he couldn’t take enough of my lips in to his mouth. While he was kissing me with every ounce of his being I found myself gripping his back until I was nervous I might be hurting him while I pushed him on to me. Then my legs wrapped around him and I could feel he was ready already, and I was anxious to have him inside of me. I needed some sex, but I was patient and let him enjoy the making out process.

Then I pushed him off me to regain a little big of control and shoved my ass crack on his cock through our underwear letting him feel the pressure from that while I ripped my shirt off. He immediately dove in to get his mouth on one while his hand found its way to the other. I shoved his face in to them deeper and took his breath away while I could feel his fingers scrape against my back and he let out a moan. His moan just flipped a switch and I shoved my on top of the underside of his cock and slowly pulled it up and then he moaned again. He felt so hard, it was such an amazing feeling.

Then I hopped off and told him to take his underwear off while I quickly tossed mine to the side. I laid down flat and demanded he bring his cock up by my mouth and shoved it inside while he put his hands on the headboard and slowly started to fuck my mouth. I have a small mouth, and he is rather large so I sometimes have a bit of trouble if I can’t get the positioning just right which is why I just lay down and have him get some that way…..and I’m growing tired of my hair getting in the way while I’m giving a blow job and I had forgotten to pull it up. I reached for his balls and aggressively put them in my hands while I took him in my mouth as deep as I could. There was still a bit of it left but I had no more room and was already gagging, but I kept going and took his ass in my hands and shoved it in until I got some more and that was about all I could handle. Then I moved my mouth down lower and got to work on his balls and used my finger to trace underneath. I was half tempted to stick it in his ass, but I hadn’t cleared that with him first and didn’t want to make him uncomfortable so I skipped that.

Then I made him straddle my chest and focused on the head since I couldn’t get much in my mouth that way but it was hot having his ass right where I would put my hands and shove him as deep as I could go in that position and since I couldn’t get it all in I made sure to rub the vein up and down my chin while I had my hand gently squeezing the head. And then he said “Your mouth feels amazing” and I lost it. I couldn’t handle waiting anymore and I grabbed the condom and pushed him off.

At the speed of light he was inside me. I could tell it had been a while since I’d had any action as it was a little rough on the first push in. I tore a tiny bit. I don’t mind that though. I will mind later tonight when I have sex again, but I’ll manage. There aren’t even words to describe how amazing he felt. I’ve been so nervous my medicine was affecting my ability to have an orgasm, but within 5 minutes I came all over him….and I came hard….my toes curled, I lost my breath and I think I grabbed him so hard I left a mark. Amazing…………..and then he went to work.

That man is like a jack rabbit. He can fuck like I’ve never seen before. He can go and go and go some more and he sounds so wonderful slapping against the back of my legs and my ass. Yum. He pounded me and then I came again and pushed him out. I took the opportunity to hop over on my hands and knees so he could get me from behind. I know that’s when he can really go, and he did. He was moaning and going and then he started groaning and then he popped out and I reached to put him back in and noticed he was limp. And I thought well shit I wanted more and he explained he hadn’t finished yet, just needed a minute. He tends to have this problem here and there. I know it’s the condom because I can always get the process just fine without it on and in my mouth but as soon as that goes on I think it’s still too tight. I can tell he’d like to just have sex without it, but that’s not an option, so I put his balls back in my mouth and wrapped my hand around his shaft and slid my fingers down to my clit so he got turned on by the visual and sure enough he was ready to go, put it back in and holy god he went so fast shoving it in and out of me I didn’t think I’d make it out alive. I came, and then came again and then when he reached up and pulled my head up and held me by the hair with one hand while he slapped my ass with the other and muttered some dirty things that I don’t remember…………I came AGAIN……….and then he did.

I collapsed on the bed feeling like I had just done a workout for hours and he did the same. He was sweaty and I was short of breath and I still had an orgasm winding down a bit. And then he pulled me in to him and cuddled. He cuddled. Uh we are just sex buddies. What’s with this cuddling and back rubbing and kissing and trailing his fingers up and down my side and then pulling me in closer and wrapping his arms around me. Uh what’s going on here? Uh what’s this? Well ok I will play along. I like getting my back rubbed. I like being held close…….and then it kept going…..and going and finally I was like “so uh what time do you have to get back to work” and I was a little relieved when he said shortly. Then he pulled me close again. Uh I didn’t know what to do. Figured I’d go with the flow. It was oddly nice when I just relaxed and stopped questioning it….and then he started making out with me again and I thought ooooooooooooh he’s been prepping for round two. Took my breasts in his mouth again and put his hand behind my neck and pulled me to his mouth……….and then he said “I’ll see you next time” Mother fucker. It was a nice goodbye though. Until next time.

3 thoughts on “Boom, boom, shake, shake the room

  1. Awesome!!!!!!! Oh hell to da muthafucking yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like I was there! Damn it, I want to be there. WHAT IS YOUR ADDRESS?! LOL. That was hot! I have to read it again but more slowly.

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