He made me squirt

I got a little too woo’d yesterday. I went over to Manly Man’s house for what we had been building up to be this big sexathon. He was nervous as all get out. He was tripping over things as he showed me his place, he was rambling on, his face was red. I tried everything to get him comfortable so I started to ask about pictures etc until I noticed he was calmed down a bit. I had planned to just jump him the minute I walked in the door since we’d bee dirty texting so much I was ready for some sex. However I was afraid I might scare him to death. That plan was quickly aborted when I noticed the sheer look of fear in his face.

From what he’s said he hasn’t had sex in 8 months so he even admitted before I got there he was nervous about how he would perform since it’s been a while. I’m pretty good about getting people to just stop worrying so much around me about how things are going to go and just go with the flow, so I tried to get him calmed down before I got there. I don’t think it worked so much. He showed me his bedroom and finally I just led him to the bed and got that whole thing started. He obviously had no clue what to do. I sent him out to get my bag because it had all the goods in it. I bring my own lube and condoms so I know that everything is going to work just right. His bed was really high off the ground and I’m short, so I really just sent him out so he didn’t have to see me jump up on the bed. I mean really; why do men need such tall beds? I don’t understand it.

He caught my hint that I’m not a huge fan of the tongue and we proceeded to make out for a little bit. His hands kept just landing here and there and it was a bit awkward so I just put them out of order and made it so he couldn’t use them. He wasn’t doing anything he said he was going to. I even tried to guide his hand to the back of my head so he’d pull the hair like he said. That didn’t happen. This is why I think dirty talking before sex is stupid. It never actually goes the way it’s discussed. Just dumb. I’m not going to participate in that on a regular basis that’s for sure. So then I just let go and let him do what he wanted, and he went straight for my breasts. I had told him ahead of time that I had a breast reduction several years ago so I can’t feel much in my nipples unless it’s rather intense. Pffffft he must not know what intense means. Oh well the sight of it was still a turn on and I could feel him getting hard on my leg and I let out a moan. I didn’t mean to, but it’s been a while since I had sex and I was more anxious for it then I thought. He picked that up and quickly moved his pelvic area to mine and started to grind on me a bit. I never realized how much this turns me on. I don’t know why, but I enjoy that it’s something new I haven’t noticed I like so much. It’s neat to find new things here and there.

He had promised all this foreplay but all he was doing was focusing on my boobs and my crotch with his crotch. Well that was enough of that. I threw out the “just put the condom on” and he and I got naked and he informed me I had to get him all the way hard. From the looks of things he already was, but whatever. I sat him on top of my boobs and stuck him in my mouth and it just took a minute before I deemed him ready. I didn’t care if he thought he was ready or not. I said alright we can focus on the rest of this later, let’s just fuck for a quickie and get it over with. So he gets the condom on and I had told him missionary is my favorite. I often think men assume women pick that because we are lazy and don’t want to do the work. The first time I ever have sex with a man that’s exactly why I’m picking it. If he’s going to suck in bed or be done in 2 minutes I want to at least make sure I get off, and it’s the easiest way for me to get off sometimes so I stick them on top. Once I can tell they’re worth the effort, then I don’t mind being on top all the time. I’m kind of a bitch I think.

I’ve got my legs open and it’s like my pussy was a vampire needing blood. I couldn’t get him in there fast enough and then of course he moved my hand away and teased the clit with his cock for a little while. That was a turn on, but I had enough of that after a few minutes. If you’re not going to stay on the clit, then I’d prefer you just get with the program and get inside. Smacking it all around with your cock really doesn’t do much for me. He doesn’t know that though; so I let him do his thing and I could tell by the look on his face he was enjoying being in charge, so have at it.

Then finally, the gates of heaven opened and he pushed himself inside of me. Oh holy jesus did it feel good. I came in seconds. I was that worked up. Oh gosh it was as if my whole body just let every muscle collapse to the bed. And then it was like I won the lottery because this dude went to town. He got this look in his face like he was going to tear me apart and he fucked me so fast and hard that I came right away again. Oh how I loved it. And then he stopped all of a sudden to suck in some air. I realize they need to breathe, but I find this very unsexy. If the pace is too much for you then don’t go so fast. Or how about instead of stopping to catch some air and breathe heavy you just slow things down for a moment? And then to top it off he even said “wow I’m out of practice”. The dude rides his bike 100 miles for a hobby. Oh well he got back to the fast fucking and I came again. I loved it once he was doing it. I even opened my eyes to see what his sex face looked like. It was kind of hot actually. That’s rare, so it turned me on even more. And then he put my ankles together and pushed them forward to my face (thank god I do this when I stretch or this would have hurt) and went to town again. At that point I just lost track of all things orgasm counting related and enjoyed. Oh it was so nice. He lasted a while too. He did have to break one other time but whatever.

Then he collapsed and whined about how short of breath he was. Yep. I got it. You worked hard. Go you. Then we chatted for a good 45 minutes or so. And since I had put together all that comfortable flow from when I walked in the door I wanted to see what he could do so I just hung out. He started rubbing my back and I was talking to him, well more listening actually. He talks a lot. I was getting horny as I tuned him out. I just can’t listen that long to a dude ramble about whatever. So I waited for him to make a move, and waited, and waited. And then finally told him I was waiting and he said he did it last time and then I was thinking oh wow I’m in high school and so I just rolled over and started to go to sleep lol I was tired. He caught the hint and pulled me on my back and spread my legs.

Now let’s back up a moment. He kept swearing to me that his tongue was like magic fingers. This is what he’s been told by the women he’s been with anyhow. Magic fingers. I warned him I have a very fickle clit and he specifically told me he didn’t mind staying down there as long as it took and I could just direct him to how to do it. So he hopped to it and I’m not sure if that was his “magic fingers” I got, but I wouldn’t be writing home about that. So I redirected, and he tried it for a minute and I was quiet so as to not give any indication I was enjoying it and then came the fingers. He should just give up the bragging about his oral and brag about those hands. Holy god. I didn’t even have to push my g-spot down. He went right to it. Which; frankly is rather impressive.

And he knew just what to do, and then I could feel the stretch coming and I knew he was filling it up and all of a sudden I hear “have you ever been fisted” and I explained that would take forever. I’ve tried, and I’m just too tight in there. He just went back to work and I was right on the edge of not enjoying how much he was getting in there, but I asked anyway as I’m determined one day that someone will get a fist in there. However, there was no way he was going to do it at the speed he was going so I let him know that was going to be it. I don’t think men realize how much time has to be spent on stretching things out to get the fist in there. So then he went to town. Whoa baby!!!!! Since he didn’t need air he hammered his fingers in and out of there and would add a few and take away a few at just the right moment and I knew I was going to squirt. I could feel it. Normally I have to push pretty hard but it’s worth it for the different feeling I get. Hell, I didn’t need to push. It just happened and I hear “You’re squirting”…..Oh thanks for the update! And then I kept going. And going. And he didn’t stop, and it sounded so hot. And then he kept going…..some more……and then I squirted some more…..and then I couldn’t take anymore.

Then I flopped him over and gave him one of my blowjobs and it wasn’t as fun as I normally like. Dude’s head was ticklish. Who the hell is ticklish there? I’ve never encountered such a thing. One of the largest mistakes women make when they give a blowjob is they start off too fast so that they’re stuck going up and down with their head forever; which makes them hate the blowjob. Oh hell I never do that. I spend as much time as I can on every single inch of that cock and head and frenulum. Normally the testicles too but he was too ticklish for that. Which sucks cause I can work wonders down there. I even brought a bullet to use there while I blew him. Aborted that mission. So I spent my time getting my saliva worked up and getting him ready. I always go until I can hear in their voice and see in their body that they’re getting close…..and THEN I go to town. And I don’t have to do it for very long, so my neck is never sore, my arms never hurt. Nada. And then he popped, and then as he was going I got the “Wow your blowjob is amazing”……and this is why I’m a cocky bitch about my blowjobs…..yes…..yes I know they’re amazing.

And then he led me in to the kitchen, gave me some beer in a frosty mug, made me dinner, we ate, and then chatted, and I enjoyed his company and wanted to see if he felt the same so I scooted out early so we could start the “is he going to call” process. He called. On my way home.

There’s a catch. He told me long ago he would want it to be just he and I if we started seeing each other on a regular basis. I just kind of avoided it and figured once I got him hooked on the sex he’d change his mind. Nope it didn’t happen. He still wants that rule in place. As much as I enjoyed his sex, and his personality, and the situation he brings to the table; I’m done with rules. And I told him so. He said he’d think about it. And I didn’t get a lunch time text like I normally do 😉 No more rules trumps squirting.

4 thoughts on “He made me squirt

  1. Ooh wee sounds like you had some fun! I hate the whole sexting thing too. They say all the things that they never ever fully execute. And then you get all excited and quite the opposite happens! Ugh! And for fisting, I tried it a week or so ago. It felt amazing. Best orgasms ever! So amazing that I lost control of my bowels. Yeah, it was truly embarrassing! And it happened twice. Poop came out twice! Doubly embarrassing. I’m afraid to try it again lol!

  2. Epic blow job, eh? I suck at giving low jobs, no pun intended. Any chance you want to share some of your techniques with a total stranger? Email me.

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