Good luck

I’ve read this email from the man whore a million times. Half of me wants to reach out and be his best friend again. The other half of me says fuck it; he’s an asshole. Good thing the other half of me is a lot stronger now then the guilty, must fix everyone half. I can’t seem to wrap my head around how I went from absolutely being infatuated with this man to getting an email telling me good luck. And this is the final communication we’ve had……look how absolutely fabulous it is. As you read it just remember………5 years…..we were together 5 years.

First of all i didn’t know ****** was graduating wedont talk remember. You left me a long and detailed email of why I’m no good for you, there didn’t seem to be any room for my responce anywhere, I took it as this is what’s gonna happen either way. I asked if you had fucked (my brother) because As you know he fucked one of my ex’s while I was still with her, come to find out after (my wife) lost her weight (my brother) tried running his game on her. And the three some didn’t work out so well the first time, and within 4 days of (my brother) meeting her he had to fuck her and take that away from me. So I wasn’t accusing you I was just trying to find out what my piece of shit brother did, to every women I’ve ever known.

If you wanna be pissed at me forever that’s up to you. I’m not pissed at you for anything, I figued you might be having a hard time with everything and that’s why I’ve been leaving you alone.

I’ve read your last 2 emails over and over again (and they were pretty long) trying to decide if I should respond or not. SORRY I didn’t. Again I was questioning (my brother’s)bullshit not you. I was super joyed with your answer. Thanks and I’m sorry for bothering you again good luck with (your husband) and congrats to (your son) for graduating, and tell your little hip hop dancer I’ll be looking for her in videos in 12 to 14 years.

Man Whore
P. S. I just want you to know that I miss my friend!! And I’m now finding out you were my therapist, because since I don’t have you anymore and I don’t have anyone else I can talk to I have my first appointment tommorrow with my shrink. I am very sorry that I fucked this up for us!!! From the bottom of my cold dead heart. Good luck

I wonder if he thinks I’m about to play the lottery and need the luck? 5 years………good luck. Fuck him.

***for the record the emails he is referring to is the dear john letter I wrote him saying that I was done, and then the email I wrote him telling him to go to hell after he called and asked me if I fucked his brother. I replied to this one as well after a few beers and went on this big rant over how he will never understand how much I adored him. He hasn’t written back. I hope he doesn’t. I’ve shut the door and I just feel guilty when he emails me that I shut it. So hopefully he doesn’t. I sure hope he’s serious about going to the shrink. I hope it works for his cold, dead heart cause he wasn’t lying; that’s what he has. Shame on me for loving it for 5 years.

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