Happy Mother’s Day

If I could turn back time and I knew then what I know now. Everyone who knows me knows I’m a good mom, but I’d have chosen a different path if I knew what motherfhood was really like. I don’t talk about my kids much; so in case you’ve missed it, I have two of them.

My kids are amazing. So smart, so independent, not afraid to be the norm, kind, beautiful children. I’ve stayed home with them for their whole lives. I’ve done the sex ed/sex toy party thing on the side to bring in some extra cash, but my husband has been the bread winner for all of their childhood so that I could be here for their every need. That gets old after a while and I think it’s taken away some of the appreciation you have when you have children.

This Mother’s Day morning one child is spending the night at a friend’s house and the other child already threw a fit. Mother’s Day really is just a day for your husband to tell you thank you for ripping your vagina open like a watermelon and having my children. My husband does an amazing job at it. Here’s what his card said this morning word for word:

When we first became parents, I didn’t know how our lives would turn out, but I did know that you were the one I loved, the one I wanted to raise a family with. together, we’ve made a good life and a happy home for our family. And through it all, you’ve been a wonderful partner, my closest friend, and a loving, supportive mother. Our life has changed so much since we first became parents, but in one way, it hasn’t changed at all – you’re still the one I love…and you always will be.

And then he signed it with  –

This card really sums up are (he’s got a hick sense of grammar 😉 time together. Happy Mother’s Day baby. Love you. Hubby.

My husband is an amazing man. I wouldn’t want to raise my children and grow old with anyone else. To all of you moms that read my blog I hope the father of your children made your Mother’s Day as loving as mine xo

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