The return of the jackass

He’s back. He’s getting divorced. Which in my terms means he doesn’t have all the crap to deal with like he used to. I swear I can’t ever just walk away from anyone. Man Pervert is back Jackass is back. I just can’t do it. I’m too weak, or too nice. One or the other. Or I’m just pathetic lol

It’s amazing how much my attitude towards things has changed since I started all the medication for the bi-polar and now the anxiety medication. They’ve gone from thinking I have ADD to thinking it’s just anxiety so they took away the Adderall and now I’m on Ativan. I was on Clonopin but I couldn’t stay awake to save my life. I was even yawning while I was working out, so he switched me over to this Ativan the other day and we’ll see how it goes. It seems like I could care less and get less upset abruptly when people piss me off. So perhaps I’ve over reacted with people I’ve written off. So, perhaps it’s worth another go around. or I’m just pathetic lol

So when Jackass told me he was getting divorced and I wouldn’t have to conform to all of these frickin rules anymore, I was more open to seeing him again, and boy did I see him. My husband took the kids away to a baseball game the other night and was gone from about 3:00 until 10:00 so I had Jackass come over. It was while I was taking the Clonopin so I told him I was going to take a nap and he said he’d just come in. Apparently he came in, tried to wake me up, and changed his clothes from work, and crept in to bed to try and wake me and it took me a few minutes but finally when he started kissing me I awoke.

I might need to institute a new rule with him that he has to shave before he sees me. He always has a scruffy face and tears my face up. However I fell right in to our routine and he had that I can’t wait to be inside of you look on his face and he was hard in seconds and I was ready. He didn’t even bother to get me undressed, just ripped the underwear off and slid inside me and laid on me while he wrapped his arms around me, and away he went to town. THIS is why I love sex with him. Normally I like big, bulky men so between the two of us our guts typically get in the way of the man laying on me (not me anymore as mine is quickly leaving).

Then we laid in bed and chatted and laid with each other. And then he proved why I call him jackass and he started to ramble about his work and checked his phone and blah blah blah so we went upstairs and played our usual Wii bowling. We have a long standing competition going on. He always wins. So really it’s not a competition. It’s more an ass beating. However this time we made a bet and he gave me a 25 point handicap and I still lost lmao so now I owe him nudey pictures every time he demands them up to 20. Pffft.

Then I made him a smoothie and he hated it, so I told him he was out of luck as I wasn’t making him dinner and then we watched some of my shows on the DVR and again another example of why he’s a jackass lol he had some comments about the people on that Hardcore Pawn show that just were dreadful. Since he’s single now he’s going to start dating again and I’m trying to tell him he’s going to have to tone down the jackass part of him and he insists he’s only like this with me because we have a special kind of connection that he feels comfortable telling me anything. Doesn’t change his personality though. Which basically means the women he dates are only going to get the fakey there to impress part of him. lol poor ladies. I feel like I should call and warn them all.

And then I fucked him on the couch. And with my new body it was awesome. I actually got pleasure from positions I’ve never enjoyed before. I straddled him backwards and holy god he hit spots that drove me nuts. And when he said “oh god that feels so good” I just came on the spot. Holy hell it was hot. And then we hung out some more and my husband gave me the heads up that he was on his way home and I kicked Jackass out. I fell asleep a happy woman.

2 thoughts on “The return of the jackass

  1. WOW! This has to be the first in a long time that you had a good experience… period! Yay for you and the new bod! You go girl. Makes me want to put down the ho ho’s!

  2. I didn’t know you were bipolar. I am too!

    I need to get back on my diet. A few family members decided to point out that I gained back the weight I lost a few months ago Yeah, that’s what you do- shame a bipolar girl about how fat she is. LOL. I downed a #1 from jack in the box an hour later. Anywho, I’m glad that you finally got some good good! I don’t know why assholes have the best dick!

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