Dressing up…

I lost a bet with the man whore. I have to dress up like a school girl. Uh. That’s totally not my thing. I read a lot of blogs about people who like to dress up, and no offense, but i don’t get it. Even with the type of work I do; I just don’t get it. However because of my work I do know I don’t have to get everything people do as long as they’re having fun doing it and it flips the switch for them. Whatever floats their boat. I’m sure nobody understands why I find it sexy as hell to get knocked around during sex. Anyhow….

He’s coming over tonight, so the time has finally come. I’ve had the outfit for a while, but since it’s been almost 5 months since we’ve had sex I figured I had a while until I had to use it and wasn’t thinking about it. Well the moment is upon me. I’ve bought some extra beer to give me little liquid courage. I wrote out my game plan a while ago and so I refreshed on that. Yeah, how lame is that? I took notes on my ideas and wrote like a story and am trying to remember what I’m going to do. I’m sure that’s going to just suck out the fun for me, but I freeze up when I’m nervous so I didn’t want to get in there and be stumbling around with my words and not knowing what the fuck to say.

I can’t even get totally hyped up that I’m getting some man whore sex because I have to do this lol I have however instructed him there will be no chatting and ooshy gooshy making out when he gets here like normal. Hell no, I’m walking in and we’re getting this shit out of the way. Included in my plan after a while is to blindfold him hah so that’ll take care of that after he gets a glimpse of whatever it is he wants to see in this whole shindig. I even got out the bondage tape so I think I’m going to give him a little dose of what it’s like to be tied up and blindfolded.

Cross your fingers this doesn’t turn out lame, cause I have no idea why this whole fantasy thing turns him on, but whatever. A bet is a bet. Maybe I will love it and I’ll just be dressing up all the time. Who knows. I just can’t see myself being a nurse, or what the fuck ever some men think up in their head. I laugh when I think of me being in a maid outfit walking around with a feather duster in my hand. This role playing shit is so far out of my comfort zone he better have the orgasm of his life.

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