Grey hair

Karma is going to get me one day and I’m going to be shit out of luck. Good thing there are men that love older women. I had a date the other night. First one in a while. it was kind of nice to get all dressed up and anticipate the excitement of a date. We had chatted on the phone, texted, exchanged pictures. All seemed to be going well. He was single, had his own place, and lived just 10 minutes from my house so I didn’t have to keep driving to China every time I wanted to hang out. Almost too good to be true.

And of course it was. Got there and he had grey hair and wasn’t looking quite like the picture he sent me. It appears he used a picture from a few years earlier. He also explained that his divorce was not quite final and was telling me of the demise of his marriage, which he failed to mention before we met. It sounded messy. According to him he wanted to be divorced for several years, but they have a five month old son so that didn’t make sense. I scoped out his ring finger and there was no indent or tan line where the ring would have been, but so many people aren’t wearing their wedding rings anymore I can’t use that as a reliable source. I have no other choice than to take him at his word, so whatever. He was so nice and we had great conversation I thought eh I can get past the looks and the messy marriage. This isn’t too bad.

Then after dinner we went to the bar and had a drink. Well three for him and just one for me. And then after he got the drinks flowing he kept talking about how he likes living close to the bar so he can walk home and how his wife (ex?) told him he had a drinking problem and I thought oh gosh. However, he isn’t marriage material for me and I was horny as hell so I thought eh what the hell. I knew I was going to need to have some liquid courage to get past the grey hair though. I’m evil. I can’t get turned on much by the grey hair. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know what I’m going to do when my hair starts to go grey. I might have a nervous breakdown.

After he guzzled down his three beers he kept trying to get me to drink some more. I declined and said I didn’t want to drink as I had to drive home. He then let me know he lived just around the corner and I’d be more than welcome to stay the night there. I declined and he asked what we could do next then and I said it would be fine if we ended the date there and I went home. And we did. I drove him back to his place and he kissed me goodnight and it was a good kiss. I always like it when a guy can do a good kiss right off the bat and I don’t have to mention how I hate the tongue.

He texted me the next day and I answered a few times and then I just gave up. I was supposed to get back in touch and I just haven’t. I can’t get past the grey hair. I’m thinking I could have figured out a way to get past it, but the rest of it just didn’t make it worth it. Sounded like he had a looney ex(?) wife, hinted towards a drinking problem and that just seemed like three strikes so I just let it go. Which is a bummer as I’m horny as hell lately.

So that was that. Back to the drawing board.

One thought on “Grey hair

  1. I don’t have a problem with grey hair. As long as it does not make him look old. But then.. I have a Daddy fantansy.. LOL
    FYI- can’t see the grey hair in the dark! ;-p

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