I miss him

It’s official. I miss the man whore. It’s been 7 days since we last spoke. Which is the longest we’ve gone in almost a year. It’s weird. It’s like I don’t have anyone to babble on to. Sure, I have friends, but I always feel like I’m pestering them when I want to ramble on about life. In fact I recently shared some information about my childhood with some friends and I feel all weird about it. It just doesn’t feel right. For some reason it does with the husband and the man whore.

I keep thinking to myself that I hope the man whore is doing what he needs to do while we’re apart, but I’m sure that nothing will be different when we start to talk again. In fact I have a list of questions I want us to discuss before I even consider the break to be over, as deep down I really think he’s going to need some more time. I’m going to try really hard to not be thinking of me missing him first, and think more of what he needs at this point in time. I’ve started to try to prepare myself that we may never go back to the normal “us” at this point in his life. I usually take a few months to get over someone when I get in to a side relationship, but since I know no matter what we’ll always have some type of friendship/connection I’m having a harder time with it.

I miss him though. I miss my friend.

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