Winner winner company dinner

My husband had his annual company Christmas party to atend and typically the last few years I’ve gotten out of it because they’re miserable to go to. He always gets drunk and chatty and I wind up in the corner beause I don’t know anyone. This year however he got us a hotel room and a friend of mine volunteered to do some babysitting for us so we were worry and kid free for the night.

So I went all out and wore a fancy dress, and got all dolled up and even shoved my ass in to some Spanx. I wore the necklace he got me in Germany and is so proud of. I wore heels. I brought the beer, and I ran here and there getting the kids all sorted out and I packed up his clothes since he’d been gone all week and the airport lost his luggage. We hadn’t seen each other in five days.

It was a ton of fun. We had a great time. We got drunk pretty quick so I didn’t get to eat much of the dinner lol but then we continued to drink, and dance, and laugh. I danced so much it’s 2 days later and I’m still sore. And then some of his coworkers invited us out to an after party and we played some beer pong, and danced some more and drank a whole lot more. I remember at one point I knew I couldn’t drink anymore and was tossing shots on the floor that people were buying me lol

And even cooler was after were done eating and he was getting to be his normal chatty self and go here and there and everywhere chatting with everyone my phone lit up and Mr. Shy was in the area. Asked if I could sneak away. I talked to my husband about it, he smiled and handed me the room key and off I went. It was great to see him, but honestly I remember the condom, the blow job, and then if memory serves I stopped it after that as we’d taken some time to get back to the hotel and I didn’t want to leave my husband waiting. I’ve tried to get more details from Mr. Shy, but he’s not giving much more and I’m not remembering much more so I’m pretty certain we didn’t have sex. The whole ordeal was really hot though and if my husband would have snuck out and been up for it I’d have ravished him, but he was in his element and having a blast and looked so happy I just hopped back in and took him out to dance and besides the fact I forgot to put my necklace back on you’d never know I had been away. That was just super hot though. Super, super hot. And I had forgotten how well Mr. Shy and I mesh together. Unless we magically had some quick sex the other night that I can not remember at all we’ve never slept together. It’s just always been some heavy making out and some blow jobs and that’s it. We always intend to do more, but it never winds up that way. Perhaps some day.

My husband is going to be on vacation soon so we’ll have a ton of time together to make up for all of his traveling. I’m looking forward to it. I always love this time of year. The excitement in the kids, the time with the husband, the wonderful weather, the baking, the cooking, the smiles. I just love it.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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