Came out

And really it wasn’t all that bad! In fact I got a really great response to it. The article that I was interviewed for was written very nicely. They got a few things wrong about my husband, and didn’t quote anything he said in it, but overall I was impressed with it. It didn’t turn it in to a negative thing which is what I was worried about, so I was very happy with it.

I even got some notes from people who I don’t know, or are past clients who wanted to say some positive words to me. I’m sure some day I’m going to run in to someone who has something negative to say about polyamory, or open marriage in general, but I guess I’ll handle that when it comes. I have been very nervous about this in regards to my children though, but I’ve been keeping lines of communication open with my oldest son and he keeps asking questions as he gets older. The other day my daughter asked me about relationships and I started very simply explaining they are very different for each person and she asked if girls could love girls and I said yes and that’s all she wanted. Then my son asked if you have to get married and I used it as a chance to explain everyone looks at marriage different. He’s such an inquisitive, smart boy that the older he gets the more I’m thinking he isn’t going to really give a shit what our marriage is like. He’s happy we’re together, and he is such a nice boy I think he’d be more satisfied knowing that we are happy.

I suddenly feel like I’m doing a positive thing. I’m bringing up a very wonderful son, my husband is very happy, my daughter is a fireball, and I’m putting positive energy out in to the world so other people can feel normal if they decide to take their relationships to a non traditional path. I’m pretty proud. If I weren’t lazy I’d take this energy and start a group for us, but I’m lazy heh.

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