The woo factor

I had a date the other night and it was missing the woo factor. He was the oldest person I’ve ever been on a date with. 42. I’m 33. I typically like them younger because they’re more fun and outgoing and spunky and up for anything. However, I’ve grown tired of the random hook ups and bad dates and usually the young ones are the bad dates even though they’re fun, they wind up sucking in bed, or living with mom. So as you’ve seen on the blog I’ve sort of revamped my outlook on the open marriage and looked at it more as a polyamorous situation where I’m trying to find someone for a long term relationship.

So then shows up Mr. Hick. That’s what I’m going to call him because he showed up in shit kicker boots, and a truck with mud all over it and likes to work outside with his hands. He planned a regular date. Dinner, and a movie. I was excited for the date until a few days before he started talking about how he likes to kiss and cuddle and was hoping I’d kiss him after the date. I hate when they pre plan like that. Why can’t people just let things happen that are going to happen. Anyhow, he was on time for dinner and we had a very nice dinner, the food was great. However, the conversation was odd. He lives with his brother, and is not working, and all he could do was go on and on about how he dislikes his brother’s children so much, and coming from someone who doesn’t have children it was annoying. I hate when people judge parenting when they have no children. he just seemed very judgemental and harsh, and odd. So then the conversation turned to me and he had some questions about the open marriage, which is pretty standard and I gave my normal speech on how it works. And then he asked me some background on my life and I thought it was nice that he was curious about me. Then the bill came and I reached to grab it to pay my share and he took it away. That’s always nice, but never expected.

We got the movie and he seemed a little more relaxed and we were a little early so had some more time to talk. He was actually kind of funny when he wasn’t talking about himself and his beliefs on children. Then the movie started and within 10 minutes he reached over for my hand. Which was nice to not have to have some kid worrying if he should yawn and move is arm around my shoulders. Then as the movie progressed he started rubbing my thigh and got a little too high and I had to move his hand and then I was bugged for the rest of the movie.

We got outside and he held my hand all the way to the car and then put his arms around me and said “I think if you give me some more time to get to know me you’ll see we have a lot more in common than you think. I dated a married woman for several years before” huh?!?! So I think he prefers taken women. I wonder if she had permission. I don’t know why but I’m finding this odd. Combined with the fact he lives with his brother and isn’t working. I just find the whole thing a little odd, but I’m very judgemental so I’ve decided to give him another date so I can be completely fair in making a decision. A lot of times they’re pretty nervous on date one. I definitely didn’t have the woo factor with this dude though. The only reason I’m just not throwing in the towel is because he was pretty funny at that moment in the theater before the movie started. That’s it.

One thought on “The woo factor

  1. OO, I like a man that is more hick. They have the rough look and callused hands that just ooze manliness. Yum! I say give the guy another chance but definitely question the married woman response. That was odd.

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