Who’s watching Sister Wives?

I am and I am in love with this show. Minus the Mormon aspect to if of course. I’m not a fan of any organized religion and don’t practice religion, or believe there’s a god really. I believe there’s something out there but until I’m dead and see what it is I can’t prove it, so for now I just believe in not much of anything. However, this show is not throwing religion in to the mix that much and focusing on it like they do with a typical polygamy situation. If you’re unfamiliar with the show I’m talking about it’s a reality based television show on TLC called Sister Wives. It follows a polygamist family and their 21 children and 4 wives. It starts with 3 wives, but you can see the process they go through while adding a 4th wife on the show. The episode I just finished watching was the 20 year anniversary celebration for the husband and his first wife of 20 years.

I watch it and I totally get it. Each wife having a different strength that they bring to the family. I’m not sure that I could handle the jealousy as well as they do. While I do have twinges of jealousy with my husband now and then I don’t have to have it in my face all the time while his infatuations live in my house. Now on the flip side, how much would I love if the man whore could move in and we could do it in reverse order of me having more than one husband? I’d love it. I often wonder though if it would annoy me to have to do more laundry and housework. I don’t like doing that shit as it is. And it doesn’t appear to me when you add men to the household that they like to do that stuff either so it just looks like more work to me. I’m not a fan of more work, however I am a fan of “loving” more than one person and being able to have them around all the time.

Watching this show has made me question more and more if I identify more as polyamorous than just open marriageish. I think I do. And today is National Coming Out Day and I just can’t help but wonder if it’s not time to start wearing the polyamorous belief/title/stamp with pride and letting the world know, but then again I always come back to how it would affect my work. The bills still have to be paid. And the kids still have to grow up and understand why everyone knows their mom is polyamorous.

I admire these people on this show. They’re brave enough to put their beliefs out there for everyone to judge. I’ve watched the reaction on my Facebook and I’ve seen disgust, admiration, curiosity, and judgement. And that’s just on my work Facebook. Nobody seems to be discussing it on my personal Facebook but me. And now that this family has come out on the show they’re facing prosecution and that just makes me sad since the state doesn’t actively seek out people to prosecute for bigamy but they’re choosing to pay attention to this family since they went on tv. I’m sure as a result from public pressure. That’s a bummer.

More power to this family, I admire their devotion to their beliefs and a lifestyle that in the end makes them happy. After all happiness is what we all strive, no matter how we get there.

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