An evening of growth part 1

Thursday night I was supposed to go to the man whore’s house, but something came up and it didn’t work out. When I went to play hooker I had decided to do it last minute and apparently he’d had plans to do some gun play, which I’d been curious about before, but we’d never gotten around to it. All of a sudden apparently he’d planned to do it that night and I threw things offs saying I was ready to pay up my bet, so since he told me that I couldn’t get it out of my head. He texted me and asked what I’d like to do when I came over on our rescheduled night of Friday and I of course said the gun play. I was a little nervous though because I’d blocked out my Friday night to go and try the fire play that I didn’t get to fully experience at BDSM camp. And I wasn’t sure what it would do to my body to go through being on fire, and then have him beat the crap out of me, but I figured I could handle it. I’m realizing I have a very high threshold for pain when it comes to sexually induced pain.

So first I went to play with fire. I mentioned before how kind the people are that I met at camp and I had talked to a very beautiful woman from camp about exploring more with it but I was so hot it just didn’t work out the right way and bless her heart she reached out to me after camp was over and sent an email letting me know she’d be more than happy to have me over and let me try it out when it wasn’t so hot outside. Perfect. I showed up and we talked for about an hour and a half, she is such a super neat, nice person it was great conversation. And then she also educated me on the basics of fire play and safety precautions and she answered every single question that I had. And then she let me try it on my leg first and it was not bad at all. She had fire safety measures all over and so I laid down on the welders blanket and stripped off my shirt and bra and she started on my back. Mind blowing, amazing, euphoric. Just not words to describe it. She was talking me through every step of the way and started by only letting the fire stay on long enough to burn off the alcohol so it would get really hot in a nice, relaxing massage type of way. Like a hot stone massage I guess you could say. She did that all over my back being very careful to miss the spot I currently have stitches in from the biopsy I had done. I was impressed with her measures of safety.

Then I finally just asked her if she was going easy on me, or how it worked. She explained that you can get the really relaxing, massage type fire play, or she can ramp it up and show me what brings people to the euphoric bliss of wonderfulness. I asked for the ramping up a bit. She got visibly excited, it was really cute. And then I could feel it way more. I was determined not to wuss out but at one point she stopped and said she could tell by me holding my breath that she was getting close to my limits and I said no I was more than comfortable telling her when it was too much. On the back the skin could handle a lot more, but when she would go on my sides, inner thighs, and lower back it hurt. But a good hurt. I guess for me anyway, I’m not sure my husband or the man whore would like that kind of hurt. I could feel my eyes roll back in my head, and that same euphoric high I talked about here and that’s exactly what I was hoping for. I’m more understanding why people enjoy these different sex scenarios without actually having sex because I kid you not the high I feel is better than smoking pot, getting drunk, or tripping out on too many pain killers. It’s indescribable, but so wonderful. And then she stopped and let me know some of the spots on my back were no longer available, they were coloring up and hot and needed a break and my body would probably start to account for that and sure enough once I snapped back to reality for a minute I realized I was freezing. My finger tips were like ice, and my toes were frozen. Had I know that a full experience would make me cold I’d have done it at camp since I was so hot.

And so she moved down and started on my butt and lower legs more and instead of taking breaks in between to check on me and see how I was doing she just went to work. She let the fire burn for much longer to where I could tell it evaporated all the alcohol on the skin and went to my skin. She went over the same areas much more and much longer and gave me the full experience and I could just feel my body drift away. There were a few times I almost told her that was enough but again I was determined to experience as much as she felt appropriate for my first time. Then she lit my feet on fire. Wow. That was awesome and sure a quick way to warm them up. And then she stopped. Since we really hadn’t spent much time together or talked that much she wasn’t really aware of my limits and we hadn’t pre-arranged anything so I think she was nervous to over do it on my first visit. She asked me if I wanted to go further and just simply because of how high I was feeling already and considering I had a drive to do I told her we better stop. I knew her boyfriend was going to come home soon, and I knew she had a rough week at work and looked exhausted and I didn’t want to wear out my welcome. So I just laid there for a little while listening to her tell me about how she got started and the basics of learning how to do it and how she learned, etc. And I’m just laying there like a lump on a log having a hard time focusing on what she’s saying and just wanting to close my eyes and be in heaven. I almost felt like I should be walking a straight line and seeing if I could find my nose with the tip of my finger. So I laid there and chatted for quite a while until I felt like I could stand up. I misjudged, it was a little difficult getting up. So I had to sit back down right away and we talked for a while longer. She is a really neat person. And I felt a little special she trusted me with the details of her day job on just our first time together.

Her boyfriend meandered in and I chatted with him for a bit and then I didn’t want to intrude anymore and scooted out the door on my way to the man whore for the gun play. First though I was dehydrated as hell and had to stop and get something to drink and thought I better eat too since she’d talked about it affecting your blood sugar and I hadn’t eaten dinner. So as I pulled over to eat I got about 6 bites in before I just knew I had to take a quick nap, so I pulled over and conked out until my alarm went off to go to the man whore’s house. That was an amazing quick nap. Even in a minivan lol. However, I had to have the heat on, because I was freezing. It took me about 6 hours to get some heat back in my body. Amazing.

3 thoughts on “An evening of growth part 1

  1. Now you know why people run for miles… the endorphins! It’s the same high you can get from exercising. I can’t push myself to run, but I get a taste of it after Zumba. Your body produces endorphins plus also you start burning a different type of sugar, I forget exactly what the process is but it’s what produces the woozy high good walking on air feeling.

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