Oh sweet heaven

The man whore came over last night and I had so much fun. It was a little bit different than normal however, and I liked it. Oh boy how I liked it. He’s got this new thing where he keeps counting my orgasms, and I don’t quite get why, I guess to justify why I wait three months to have sex with him, who the fuck knows, but whatever floats his boat. I could care less, cause by his count I had over a dozen, so more power to him!

I didn’t really think he was going to show up, so I didn’t even plan for it. In fact I was in the shower when he called and that’s all I did to prepare. I didn’t even get the toy bag out. I’ve been really busy packing for my BDSM weekend and preparing my classes so I have been running around. He snuck down to my room and we caught up since we hadn’t really gotten to talk much over the last three weeks since he’d been busy. He asked about the weekend I’m going on and didn’t seem real fond of the brothel idea, but that’s alright, I don’t care lol In fact he almost didn’t come because I had sex previously within the two week cut off of what he’s comfortable with, but he didn’t fool me, I knew he’d come. I’m honest with him when I do have sex as that’s our agreement but I’ll be pretty shocked if he actually sticks to his we can’t have sex within two weeks of you fucking someone else rule. It’s nice in theory, and I understand it, but I’ll be shocked to see it happen. Whatever he needs to tell himself is a-ok with me. It was nice to catch up with him. Beyond everything else I really do enjoy talking to him. He makes me laugh, he listens, he is generally just a nice man to have as a friend. And frankly, I adore him. I won’t lie, he’s got me.

Finally I moved in for the snuggling cause the man has hands like a god and can rub like nobody’s business. I love it. Got a bit of a back massage, and we chatted some more before we started making out. We had a really neat talk about our sexual habits and apparently he’s shocked that I’m not more agressive with him considering my work. I don’t like to be. He took the dominant role way back in the beginning of our relationship and now I get nervous around him if he doesn’t just take charge. I think it’s because I like him so much I don’t want to appear silly, or mess up. This is why when all the men I date get nervous to hear I’m a sex educator for a living I just laugh because when it comes to my own sex, I hate to take charge in the bedroom. I absolutely drool over the fact that man whore walks in, tells me what to do, and knows what I like. However, if forced I have no problem taking over and getting things going with someone else, but I don’t want to with him. I enjoy letting it go and not having to show him anything, and not being the sex educator for 4 hours. I love it. Even if I did have suggestions, I wouldn’t tell him because eventually he figures it out on his own, or suggests it.

Making out moved in to me rubbing his back, and getting turned on by his oh so sexy tattoos. I mean the dude fuckin hot to me. He’s got this tan going on that about made me wet my pants. I climbed on top of his naked back and let my nipples run up and down his back while I rubbed him, and then I brought out this back massager I have and used that on him for a bit, and then I couldn’t take it anymore, I told him to flip over and I took him in my mouth. I swear to god I get more excited to give him head because I know how much he likes it than I do to eat chocolate, and that’s big. The taste of his pre-cum can about make me cum, and the first sound he makes when I get him all the way in my mouth makes my clit sweel. Holy god it’s hot. I couldn’t quite get the angle I wanted while he was laying down so I asked him to stand up and got on my knees in front of him. Before we got started he asked me to put pig tails in my hair (which I hate getting dressed up and acting girly so I don’t like this), so he used them as handle bars to fuck my mouth and let me go at him on my knees. So hot. He didn’t keep me down there for long however, so I’m assuming he must have been enjoying it as much as me. It lasted for quite a long time.

We’d decided before hand that we were going to be a bit more intimate than rough this time around since I had missed him so much and it just seemed to flow with the way things were going. We had the really long cuddling before hand with the good talking, and I’ve just really missed him and wanted that more intimate type sex than him slapping me around. So rather then get the toy bag out for the rough stuff, he picked me up and laid me on the bed and went right to work on my clit with his tongue of magic. I have such a sensitive clit and I’m so picky about how it’s stimulated. He knows it in and out and no matter how long its been he never forgets. We’d talked about this new trick I learned how to make my clit less sensitive after an orgasm so he could continue on and he remembered and did it and it worked and so he made me come again, and again, and then he slide his fingers of oh sweet holy goodness inside of me and I moved my g-spot down for him and holy gosh I came so hard he had to pull his fingers out. Oh heaven, pure sweet heaven.

And then he grabbed the condom, spread my legs and I yelped he felt so good sliding inside of me. He’s a perfect fit. And fuck he looks sexy when he’s fucking me, holy hell. I came like a crazy lady. You could tell I hadn’t been fucked that well in a while. I just couldn’t stop, in fact the more I think about it I think it was just never ending, instead of one right after the other I think it just carried through but I could definitely tell the peaks of the orgasm so they could have been separate. I don’t give a fuck, all I know is it felt so fucking good.

My bed is perfect height for my short ass to get on all fours and him to stand on the ground and fuck me from behind. His is not, so we only get that position like that with him on the ground when we’re here. I love it, it’s my favorite. I got this out having no idea what he planned but wanted it there anyway, that was new to our playing so I gave him a quick tutorial and I could tell right away he had different plans. As soon as I got down on my knees he went right in my ass. I said “wrong one” and he said “no that’s where I intended so I don’t need this damn strap” I don’t think he was a fan of messing with it. I was a fan of how he could get me pulled in to him, but he was in a rhythm and really had his own agenda and I think I threw it off so I felt the strap go to the side and then all of a sudden I felt it around my throat and he used the handles to choke me with it. I tell you that man is brilliant. I never thought to use it that way. Holy hot!!! And pretty powerful too when he anchors the weight of pulling me up with it around my neck. I came so fucking hard with the anal stimulation and that around my throat I thought I was going to pass out. Then he tightened it by crossing the straps and just squeezing it around my neck and I came again. He fucked my ass for quite a while and then grabbed a new condom and flipped me over and fucked me again that way.

Then I got my allotted after sex cuddling lol this is an inside joke between the two of us since he isn’t such a fan of it after sex, but I love it, so he always jokes about running a timer for my cuddling. Then he headed home after some kisses goodbye. I slept like a baby. Wonderful warm up for my sexual freedom weekend. See you on the flip side 😉

One thought on “Oh sweet heaven

  1. Sounds like the sex I have with my boyfriend. It is unbelievable. He is the same way in bed, just takes over and I always lose count the amount of orgasms I have with him. He is rough too but has his moments where we both want it tender also. Love it!

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