Vodka is not my friend

So I went out with a friend the other night, and she offered to be the designated driver, so I wanted to get ripped. It had been since my birthday back in July since the last time I went out drinking with friends. I’ve been in a rut and also trying to conserve funds since work is a little slow during the summer. Summer is always really slow for my work and we take the kids to do a ton of shit so my social life goes on the back burner a lot. Which is fine, but you can tell when it’s closing in on the end of summer and I am in need of a social life again. I’m out of practice.

Holy mother of moses we finally got out to the bar around 10:30 and I was a hot mess by bar close. I slammed vodka after vodka. I don’t remember the walk home because apparently she opted for designated walking instead of driving lol we played this game “I’ve Never” with the bartender and I loved it. If you need a fun drinking game, it sure makes a good one.

You can tell I hadn’t been drinking in a while! I think it’s time to just stick to the Coors Light and give up on the vodka. Maybe in my old age I’m becoming a light weight. I even threw up the next day a few times. Yeesh.

On a good note Mr. Army has asked me out on date two. His wife is taking the kids on the trip so he has the house to himself. I have some work to tend to first, but will be over afterwards. As shy as he was about holding my hand, I’m anxious to see if he makes a move. I’m not going to push it because I don’t want to scare him away so I’ll wait to see what he comes up with. He’s been texting me all day. I’m really starting to enjoy the conversation. He’s really quiet, and I don’t really know a whole lot about him, so we’ll see. I don’t usually do well with the quiet, shy type.

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