That felt good!

I haven’t had a good first date in soooo long! Tonight I did, and it felt soooo good. Even just getting ready for it I was all energized, in good spirits, excited, and generally in a good mood. It’s very obvious to me that when my open marriage hobby is in a low than I am in a low as well.

So tonight I met Mr. Army. We’d been talking on Yahoo for a few weeks, and finally had some scheduling luck and had our first date. And it was great. I don’t know if it was so great because it’d been so long for me, or if I genuinely enjoyed his company that much. I’m calling him Mr. Army because he used to be in the Army and has a body to match. Bald head even. If he had been a little taller he would have been my type down to the letter.

He took me to dinner, and then we went to see Eat Pray Love. He told me to pick the movie and I don’t think he knew I was picking a chick flick. I told him he was a sucker as soon as we had dinner lol he admitted he watched the preview after making the plans and wasn’t all that thrilled. Dinner was nice, he was full of nice conversation, but a little nervous so I took the lead. He and his wife are in an open marriage and he’s been looking for about 7 months for someone and hasn’t had any luck. She’s had more success than he has, which is typical. His phone didn’t go off a million times with a nervous wife at home, so that was a plus. There was an annoying person behind us with a screaming kid and he didn’t get rude about it or say anything rude and that was a plus. He wouldn’t let me help pay for dinner, in fact reached for the check right away. I always feel awkward when they do that and offer to pay for my share, but he said no. His wife even picked his shirt for him, which I thought was cute he shared that with me lol

Then we went to grab a drink and had some more conversation and this is where my job came up and he handled it really well. That was a huge plus. No perverted questions, no looks of pure terror. Just acted like I told him I was a chef. I was pleased. Then we went to the movie and it was SO adorable cause I could see him obviously struggling to decide if he should hold my hand or not. I held out for quite a long time seeing what he’d do. He kept inching it closer, and closer, and then grazed his pinky finger on mine, and I could see him keep looking at my hand every time I’d adjust in my seat. Finally about 3/4 of the way through the movie I put him out of his misery and just grabbed his hand and he rubbed my thumb with his the whole remainder of the movie. It was cute. He held it pretty tight.

Then after the movie he was a trooper because it was a super long movie. And you could tell he thought it was way too long. It was cute. Then since I had taken the lead I forgot he’d be waiting to see what I wanted to do next so he didn’t have much input there and I asked if he wanted to head home or go for a drink so I could give him an out if he needed it. He wanted to go for a drink, so we chatted some more. Again, great conversation. Some prodding in to their marriage rules and I was pleased to see they seem to share the same beliefs as me. I’ll admit I didn’t do my normal research before the date about the wife. I was a slacker. However general actions gave me the impression all was kosher. I’ve gotten pretty good at picking up when things are not kosher. As soon as he told me the wife picked out his shirt I was pretty ok with things.

Then I was ready to head home and he gave me a hug and kiss goodnight, or more I went for the kiss and just made it a quick one since he didn’t go for it. Wanted to make sure I read that right. Then there was a second kiss. And then 20 minutes after I left I got the text about what a great time he had. Success. We’ll see where it goes from here. He lives kind of far away, and with a family and a job with early morning hours I think scheduling is going to be a little hard, but if all else fails it got me pumped to get back out there and start dating again. It was just what the Dick Diva needed. I kinda wanted to sleep with him tonight, but since he has some long term potential I held off.

3 thoughts on “That felt good!

  1. Hey. My wife and I are just starting an open marriage. She’s bisexual and had I encouraged her to explore that part of her sexuality and she’s got herself a girlfriend. Now, the question is, where do I look for myself. It seems like no matter where I look it’s hard to find other like-minded women that are okay with being with a married guy. Just thought I’d ask for some advice from someone who, obviously, has a tad bit more experience than myself.



    1. I’d highly recommend that Yahoo group on my blog home page on the right hand side. It’s full of people in an open marriage 🙂 It’s def. harder for the man but if you’re wiling to put in the work and not look like a douchebag online you can find someone to connect with. It all depends on what you’re looking for, but I’d highly recommend connecting with an online support group based on open marriage discussions like that Yahoo group.

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