How many pictures do I need?

I had a date the other night, and he and I had been talking on Yahoo for quite some time. Just for the record, if I can hold conversation with someone on Yahoo for more then a day then I stay pretty intrigued. If they make me laugh via Yahoo, then I’m hooked. And for the second record, this was the guy that I thought stood me up but kept insisting he did not indeed stand me up, but had a legitimate excuse. I didn’t believe him, I’m jaded. He was an hour and a half late for this date. However, to give him credit he did keep in touch about being late.

I had seen one picture of him before the date, and he looked fine. He was 38, which is the oldest of someone that I’ve been out with. Mr. Shy is 37 and that’s as close as I’ve gotten. I got there and was waiting for him to walk up and he smiled, and was missing his top four teeth. And then on the bottom they were really long to kind of make it look like he had teeth, but they were black and visibly rotting. Instantly I had that eww feeling in my stomach and I knew I was done at that point, but I felt really bad that I’m so superficial. All of this is racing through my head a mile a minute and I decide to just do dinner and see if I can get past it since in all other ways he was fine. And perhaps I got a bad view on the first hello.

He was so nice. Is so nice. I had picked a cute little spot for us to have dinner that I have been wanting to try. He drove about an hour to come and meet me. I felt awful. However, I kept asking myself if I could imagine kissing him, and I couldn’t. There just isn’t any way I could have even if I didn’t have the weird issues I have. I kept liking it to how much I would enjoy kissing feet since I have such a thing against feet.

I tried to be pleasant during dinner, but I couldn’t stop looking. And I could tell he caught it. We were supposed to walk around the lake afterwards, and then go to see Eclipse, but since he was late it threw off the movie time and I didn’t want him to spend any more money on the evening since he wouldn’t let me help with dinner. I don’t like to mislead and while I’m not going to stand there and say “dude what’s with the teeth” I didn’t want him thinking it was going anywhere either, so after dinner I scooted home.

As soon as he got home he lit up my Yahoo messenger, and asked me if I’d like to see him again. And then I was ok with being blunt since I didn’t lead him on. And I did it nicely. In fact I will cut and paste minus our usernames.

Me: (7/11/2010 8:49:50 PM): I really like to be upfront cause I hope people can do that with me. I know I’m not skinny, and gorgeous so please don’t take this as anything super mean as I think you’re really nice, but I have a thing about teeth and I just can’t see you and I being intimate and I dno’t want to lead you on in that area, but I’d love to keep chit chatting with you whenever you have the chance
Him:(7/11/2010 8:52:57 PM): okay no problem hear that all the time. would love to keep chatting and maybe down the road after they are fixed we can meet again, thanks for being upfront. i kind of got that sens e from you tonight. sorry hope you didn’t think i wasted your time or anything
Then I just felt like shit. Absolute shit. And later in conversation he said that he wished people could look past it to see how nice he is, and I know he’s nice and I explained that, but there is just no way that I could be intimate and not think about the teeth or picture it in my head while I’m making out with him. So then I spent a few days trying to learn from this and wondering if I’m really that shallow, do I really have that many anal retentive ways, does this make me judgemental? It was really bothering me a lot. In fact I couldn’t sleep very well that night thinking about it. And I still haven’t fully figured out what it makes me, but I just know it’s not something I could do. So I deserve every last response I get when the man tells me he isn’t in to plus size women and my size 18 ass doesn’t turn him on.
When I first started dating I used to get my feelings hurt really bad when someone would be nasty about my pictures. There were even a few times that I cried. And still to this day it stings a little bit, but I think I’ve learned a deeper appreciation for how important physical attraction is and I’m learning to just understand that I might give someone that ewww feeling upon first glance. To someone else a size 18 might be just as important as good teeth is to me. Lesson learned. And I’m thankful that my date was so very pleasant that he can look past my inability to be physically attracted and still be my friend.

3 thoughts on “How many pictures do I need?

  1. Teeth is a huge issue. I rather do a person missing a limb then have a mouth full of rotting teeth. I maybe superficial too but if their teeth are in that state then what about the rest of their hygiene?
    Although it could be a genetic thing, soft teeth whatever. Except that the whole idea of kissing.. or their tongue entering your mouth.. EEEWWW EWWW EWWWWW!! Its like knowing you are kissing an infected sore and you will end up with some freaky ass shit.
    NO thanks. Yank’em buddy and you will get laid. Don’t care how nice you are. Its repulsive and thats not ok for another person to accept it.
    So take a nap and do not feel bad about it. Just make sure you add that to your list of requirements from a potential date. Must have healthy teeth and gums with proof of last cleaning! LOL

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