I love rainy days

It’s been raining here for a few days and I absolutely love it. Everyone else is complaining and I’m in heaven. HEAVEN! Spent the day hanging out with the kids today and it was such a great day. Figured I better blog about my date last night before I forget. However, I’m not quite sure how to do it because he is subscribed to the blog. It’s kinda how he found me. It was weird going in to a date knowing that he had so much insight in to how I work, but it didn’t quite fix all the problems lol I still have yet to have a complete first date where there is no sex talk brought up. He even showed me the condoms his wife sent along.

I think we’ll call him Mr. Giggles as he sure giggled a lot lol. I didn’t do a really good job confirming that his wife is indeed on board, but from the sounds of it she is and I just don’t have the effort for it right now. I could tell he was nervous. They’ve been married a long time and just recently decided to open their marriage. They really sound like they truly have an open marriage and understand how an open marriage works and are pretty secure in their marriage so I said what the heck. I hate being the test run as usually the wife has a hard time with it for the first date, but she didn’t call crying so I was impressed.

He was a bit older then I normally date and I was nervous about that going in because I know how I am and I know I like what I like. For some reason I seem to like the younger guys who are jerks and can’t seem to get attracted to the older men who treat me nicely. Not that he wasn’t attractive, just not tattoo’d, bald, and bad ass looking lol. He greeted me with a gift which has happened only one time before and that was the man whore. I was touched. I almost even teared up a little. Nobody is ever that nice lol It was cute.

We had a great dinner. I did find we don’t have a lot in common. He’s more of an outdoorsy, theater person where I am more of a let’s party and sit inside and watch tv type of person but I do love to meet new people and try new things, so I think it’ll be fun to get to know him more. I’m going to give it a whirl and step outside of my comfort zone a bit. As I think we could have some fun. Then we went to see the movie Killers. It stunk, don’t waste your money. Humorous in parts, but definitely lame in most parts. Ashton Kutcher sure looked hot as hell though. Yum.

He kept giving these sex inuendos though and as we all know I’m not a huge fan of that. If it is going to happen then it’s going to happen. He even pulled out the condoms his wife sent with him at dinner. Which almost kept me from going any further with the date, but I was really trying to give him the benefit of the doubt since it had been so long. And then I kept thinking crap how am I going to blog about this knowing he’s reading it, but if he doesn’t want to see he can just not look as I’m not one to really censor myself. So I guess we’ll see where it goes and see if date two can bring me to a more comfortable level with someone so different then what I’m used to, and see if he’s a bit more relaxed, and see if there is a spark there.

I have a date tonight. Another married man, but I’m a wee bit interested in his wife. They originally approached me as a couple, but we’ve had a really hard time meeting because they live an hour and a half away. He’s going to be traveling for work and so just he is coming to meet me tonight. They apparently can venture out on their own so that’s always a plus. However, it’s rough if I wind up liking him and not the wife.

One thought on “I love rainy days

  1. Him being a newbie and you dealing with a .. well a virgin is tough. Kudos for you willing to give the guy a try. Yeah, the sex talk is a bit fusterating. But I find if I keep it limited to what I like and then drop the subject then its great. If they can’t then they have no substance or ability to look past their penis.

    And no you should not censor yourself because of a fellow reader.

    On another note.. I thought Zandra was a guy too! LOL You cracked me up on that posting! LOL

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