Finally the stress is over

And I’m pretty proud of us. Since January there has been talk of my husband getting a different job that would move us out of state. I didn’t want to do it. He did. It’s cause some major tension in this house for the last six months and I’m hoping now that the final decision has been made we can get back to normal. The husband wanted to move for weather reasons and of course just would be honored to be taking a promotion. I didn’t want us to move for weather reasons and because his new job was going to require more travel, and I would lose all of my comfort that I have in the state we currently live in. And we’d be all alone. And I would have to start my business over again.

We talked about it a lot and it was going to cause some stress on our family. They were offering more money but not enough to make up for what I would lose moving away from all of my customers. However, I could have built it back up in a few years and so it would have been rough for a few years but we could have done it. Our concern was that he would be gone far more. As it is now he travels at least 2 times a month. Sometimes there are odd months that he doesn’t travel at all but it’s becoming more and more common that he does travel. We’ve always worked our hardest to be there for every event the kids have and be together for all of the kid things and make sure that we don’t miss anything. The kids cry when he leaves now and have a hard time with it especially if he is gone for a long time.

In discussion we decided there would have to be a pretty large financial gain to make it worth changing how our family works. It would have affected the open marriage, it would have affected my way of life, it would have made the kids move out of their schools, it would have made us lose all our friends. And in the end we decided $16,000 wasn’t worth all of that. And I’m pretty proud of us. I think my husband is a little nervous we made the wrong decision, but we did the best we could with how we like to raise our kids and live our lives and so the next time we’re broke I’m sure we’ll second guess our decision, but I’m pretty proud of us for the one we made. I won’t lie there is a tiny, tiny part of me that is a little nervous we should have taken the money, but everything always has a way of working itself out for us and I’m confident that we did what we were supposed to for our journey. I hope anyway 😉

Had a fun night out with the ladies last night and I totally got wasted in relief that this decision was finally over. I had a good time. They are a fun bunch of women to hang out with and one of my friends can flirt like nobody’s business. However I get too drunk to enjoy the men she pulls in so it never does me any good, but I have fun looking at the pictures the next day of all the men she was flirting with.

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