Few changes

So I took Dick Diva off the blog. After some thought and reading some other blogs I decided I didn’t want to lose focus on the fact that I do have a successful open marriage and that was my goal was to do this blog so others can see that there are really open marriage that are truly open and not just avenues for people to cheat with permission. I still haven’t decided if I will bring it back or not. It looks weird without it and I really like the Dick Diva name, however I’m not having any sex and don’t feel very Dick Diva’ish.

I almost feel a pressure to be having sex with that title lol like I’m letting everyone down because I’m not out finding sex all the time. I’m sure there will be a phase again where I am out having sex all the time but I don’t want it to be expected of me cause I’m the Dick Diva. Does that make sense? I definitely have my times where I can’t get enough sex, and then I have my times where I’m ok not having sex all the time. However, I always have an open marriage and that’s what I want the focus on. My open marriage kinda rocks and I want the world to know it and see it.

I am torn though because I want to be an advocate for all women and preach to the world that it’s totally ok for women to be whores too. So I can’t decide. I’m going to try it without the Dick Diva title for a little while and see how I feel about that.

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