Hot for teacher

I had such a nice date last night. We met online through one of the various sites that I use and we just exchanged a few emails. He got right to the point of ok we’re attracted let’s meet instead of exchange emails for days upon days. I like that. I lose interest pretty quick if it takes too long to meet. You can only talk about shit so long online. And eventually a man can’t control himself and starts talking obsessively about sex when he runs out of normal conversation, so I’d rather just meet and see if we click before we waste all that time.

He took me out for Italian food. Oh my gosh best lasagna I’ve ever eaten. I got so full so fast that I’m sure he thought I had some kind of eating disorder. The way I eat definitely does not represent the way I look lol we had the cutest little Italian waiter. I was in love with the restaurant. Mr. Teacher had great conversation skills and it was cute to hear him talking about teaching. A small part of me thought it was pretty funny to think he might be teaching some of my friends’ kids. The teacher thing was kind of sexy.

After we finished eating and conversing I asked what he had planned next and he informed me that it was up to me. We could go to his place and watch a movie, or there was a store up the way he wanted to stop at and so I didn’t mind that. It was a book store and you could tell he got all geeked up at the thought of the books cause he seemed a little excited. It was cute. I went straight to the sex ed area and perused while he looked at whatever he was looking for. I forgot to glance and see what he wound up with, but I found the Hardy Boys 1st book for my son so I was pretty geeked up myself. Then we got in the car and I was waiting for the question of what I’d like to do next, but it appeared he already decided for me and we wound up back at his place.

I was a wee bit disappointed by that as really I can sit at home and watch a movie any night and I had been all week since I was so sick so I was ready for some excitement but I was enjoying his company so I just went with the flow. He sat by me during the movie but didn’t touch me until like the last 15 minutes. It was frickin hot in there. It’s one thing I hate about dating in the summer is nobody loves air conditioning as much as me. The last 2 summers I’ve mostly seen Mr. Illinois and he knew of my distaste for the heat so it was never an issue. Now I’m at the mercy of whomever’s house I’m at and they never like it as cold as me. When he did finally touch me I could tell he was hot too as his hands were pretty clammy.

By the time the movie was over I was tired. You could tell I’m not in true form from being sick because I was ready to go home. I had a friend who wanted to meet for a drink after but luckily she cancelled. I was going to go cause I haven’t seen her in a while and wanted to be nice, but man I was tired. You could tell my date was disappointed. I wonder if he thought he was going to get laid. So I made out with him for a little while, but not too long cause dude hadn’t shaved before I came over and it was tearing up my face. Ouch. He’s a really good kisser though when I can look past the rash he’s creating on my face. That lasted about 10 minutes and then I said it was time for me to go and I got the “that’s not fair” well yes, yes it is.

Scooted on out and made my way home. Early night for me. It was nice to be out on a normal date though and thanks to my lovely woman parts having the yeast infection it was a little different not putting out on the first date lol

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