I got the shaft…literally

I’ve debated on whether or not to blog about this because I feel like it’s a huge dig on my ego lol however, in all fairness if I’m going to put myself out there, I might as well go full force. And I just feel a little gloomy today, so rambling about something else might take my mind off of things.

This last weekend I was in the area where Mr. Officer was so I got in touch about us hanging out. I was kind of on call until he got done working, which wasn’t as early as hoped, so instead I thought I’d try to get some ass. He informed me that wasn’t an option as he was still injured from our last encounter. What? Apparantly I got him with my teeth during the blow job from the weekend before and he still was recovering. I read his text with this information and literally sat there staring at my phone for quite some time in awe thinking “what the fuck no way he got off super fast and the noises and sounds he was making did in no way resemble teeth on dick”. So I thought for sure I must be getting blown off in a really odd way. Nope because then the rest of the texts consisted of “Dick Diva this is no way changes anything between us” “It’s no big deal” etc. Uh yea, I’m the Dick Diva it is a big deal. A huge deal. Nobody complains about my blowjobs, ever. And I mean ever. Unless I’m drunk. I have been known a time or two to bump with the teeth when I’m drunk. And I was indeed drunk when he and I hooked up, but I’m not excusing it, just stating that I believe I probably did. But enough to leave a mark and make him cum as quickly as he did? Whatthefuckever. I still think something else is going on.

However, I’m offended enough that I’ve just stopped texting lol My ego is bruised. If it really was not that big of a deal to him why the need to even mention it? I’m wounded lol I’m in the corner pouting. I was so super excited to fuck him, and so immensely turned on and now it’s all gone. Gone.

So then to make matters worse I fuck up again. Man whore calls for my regularly scheduled Monday morning call. He always gets a huge kick out of my rejection stories so I ramble on about this story and then stark silence. Just absolutely no response and I knew right away I shouldn’t have said anything. Not a word. “Someone else’s dick was where mine goes and it’s just weird to hear about it. It’s weird to know you do the same things to me that you do to other people” and I politely mentioned that we agreed upon it being ok for me to sleep with other people when I knew they would be someone who would be around for a while and not just random ass in an alley. And he knows. I know he has a hard time with it. He swears it’s just because it’s awkward thinking of someone else doing sex stuff with me besides my husband. In his weird world it’s ok for me to fuck my husband all I want but not other men. Makes no sense, but it’s not my fucked up way of thinking so what do I care. He’ll never admit it but I think it’s 1/2 jealousy too. He can go on pretending it’s not for as long as he wants. I’m not an idiot. Anyhow, there was awkwardness and I let him go and he didn’t call me today lol I know he’s bugged and it’ll take him some time to get over. He can take all the time he wants, this shit is gay and I’m not babying him and his issues. He’s called me every morning at 8:30 for the last 5 days. I told him yesterday. Today, no call. heh I’ll leave him be till he gets over it.

I’ve been super blah this week, I hope it goes away soon. Very soon.

2 thoughts on “I got the shaft…literally

  1. Oh man.. that is a low blow.. Sorry about the cop. Damn! Well make sure he punishes you with his night stick.. and cuffs.. oh and make him have his shirt all unbuttoned to his navel! And he has to wear the hat and sunglasses! Dang girl! you gotta take pictures .. whew.. hotflash!!

    Okay. did that cheer you up?
    As for manwhore.. ugh.. don’t tell him this shit! LOL He can’t handle it. He’s totally jealous and will have to pout for a bit. Probably need a few hotties suckin his dick to get over it and feel justified enough to call you.

  2. Cops are sexy. Well, certain cops. LOL. Men are hilarious. He is totally jealous but he won’t admit it. I hate when a dude complains about bjs after the fact. If you really digged your teeth into it like he said, there is no way he would have let you continued. Hell, I did it once and the dude nearly screamed like a girl. Totally unrelated but I had a nose bleed while servicing someone and he freaked out LMAO!!!!!!!!

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