I’m getting annoyed

Here are some excerpts from some of my Yahoo conversations today:

“I am uncomfortable because I want you to be happy and I’m just new at this so I have a mental block that I should be able to drive thru! I know it’s just excuses but I want this to work but a bit lost on how to make it work.” —-Doctor Boy

“if it means anything… i would love nothing more than another time with you, much like last time… because now i am more relaxed with you and not such a stiff board.  i feel like i was making progress” – – 2 year man I’ve seen who just got a girlfriend but we are still friends.

What the fuck am I? I seriously think my funny name of the Goodwill Vagina is starting to ring true. Shit I’m not your trainer, I’m not your coach, I’m not your instructor. I’m not your practice. I want some fucking good sex. You know maybe this should be an add on to my business. Sex instructor and I start charging these schlepps for their “encounters” with me. I mean I love my friend to death, he’s awesome, but seriously “making progress”? should I have been grading you? Maybe I should start charging for my “lessons” but then I’d be a hooker. This is insane. And the shitty thing is I’m so nice I actually am going to try again with the doctor. I keep asking myself why. I think it’s because I have a small desire to corrupt him from his Indian heritage and make him dirty. However I did tell him we aren’t having sex for a while, we’re going to go out and I’m going to loosen him up a few times so he stops being such a stiff board around me. His explanation for why he was so weird the last time I was there is as follows: “I’m sorry! I didn’t know I came of like that! I was busy cleaning because I want my place to be clean for you…. Crap! Really sorry! I really liked what we had when I came out to *********, and just driving around and being me around you.” Dude sounds extremely high strung. He needs to party with me a bit. So I think I’m going to find a party this weekend.

But seriously why can’t I find another man whore who’s available more. Is a nice guy, gets to know me, AND is good in bed without needing to be shown what to do. I’ve been asking that for four years. I found the Illinois guy but he had his own issues. So he wasn’t the right fit either. Now I’m just annoyed and frustrated. It’s not that hard to please me in bed. I just need you to not have to wash your hands after you have them inside my vagina, and I need you to not need instructions every five seconds. I really am not that difficult to please in bed. Actually I’m not even all that fantastic. I don’t like getting on top! I mean how good can I be when I don’t even like to do the work 😉 I can give an awesome blow job though, that I won’t deny. I’m going to start telling people I work at McDonald’s. Who am I kidding. I get a secret thrill out of dropping the bomb when I say what I do for a living. It’s a little fun thing I like to do out at the bar lol. But then later when they are stupid in bed I kick myself for not acting like I’m a dumbass in bed. I wonder if I would have more luck if I laid there and didn’t make a sound or move. I should try that some time.

7 thoughts on “I’m getting annoyed

  1. Crap.. somehow I posted without knowing it.. huh.. I’m talented! Anywhoooo..
    Girl! Don’t settle! Blow these dead weights off and go have some fun!
    My Indian guy can’t even IM with me without being distracted! I feel like I am talking to a monkey. But he is more then just a dead fuck! He is so uptight the only way to loosen him up is to make him smoke pot.
    Besides being the Goodwill Vagina, which I love that title! LOL that can be another blog! You have to ask the questions of how the hell are you in bed.
    You have been cracking me up though. So if anything your fusteration is quite humorous.
    Can’t wait for the next Doctor boy posting! heh heh

    1. And who am I supposed to have fun with?! Everyone I find is a dead weight! If I hadn’t have promised the man whore no more random booty I’d go on a booty call spree and sample some new sex but I made a promise so I’m stuck with finding people long term which means dead weights and bad sex lol

  2. I have been in open marriage for two years now. I have a man in my life similiar to your man whore. The sex is amazing and he is rough with me which makes me turn to goo also. He loves trying new things too. If you can not tell, I have been reading your blog ever since you started. I am friends with househo and she told me about you. I was seeing my man whore 3 times a week but he got married so now we are down to once a week, sometimes twice. His wife does know about me. I understand your frustration with man whore not being able to see you that often. I am pissed that I was with mine 3 times a week and now down to once. I guess I was spoiled.

  3. You promised Man Whore no more random booty calls? And did he promise to put the fuck out more then every 3 months? I wouldn’t put up with that. Dude is crampin your Diva’ness!
    I think you should re-evaluate that promise and see what more you can get out of Man Whore.

    I have get my strange on.. I’m about ready to hurt someone myself! LOL

  4. I guess I can’t say much because I’m only available usually once a week too, however, I do take a genuine interest in my girls lives. I talk to them all the time, so that they know it too. They aren’t just “a fuck” to me. I wish you luck 😉

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