My husband lived a little!

I finally got him out of the house while we have no children for the week. They are off visiting the grandparents and so we have the house to ourselves, and no babysitter is needed if we go out. So we did last night. It was super nice to see him having fun. I won’t lie I always hate it just a tiny bit when he gets super drunk because he buys everyone drinks! His bar tab was rather large lol

Went out with some friends and he did some flirting and had a good time. I guess the wife isn’t mad at me anymore as she made out with me last night. Who knows. I am not very good at this mad at you, not mad at you, we’re friends, we’re not friends business so I’m just going with the flow. The making out was nice. My husband got to make out with her too, so he was a fan. In fact my husband made out with a few girls from my group. I’m so glad they were so friendly with him as he was pretty nervous before we left the house so I’m really feeling pretty special my friends are so neat and kind to us. There’s always a large fear of people judging us for being different due to our lifestyle and these people sure have embraced it. It makes me happy.

He kept dancing with this other girl who wasn’t in our group and when we got in the van he informed me she asked him out and he was too fucking drunk to get her number down! He broke his BlackBerry while we were there and had no way to get it down. I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself. Poor guy. He just gets so excited to be out drinking he can’t stop. He’s like me. It’s adorable. Had I known I’d have stepped in and gotten it for him, but he didn’t tell me about this woman until after. And he still even remembers her this morning. I can’t specifically remember what she looks like but I know he was all over a blonde girl all night so I’m just assuming that’s her. He had a hard time focusing though because he knew boobies and girls who will make out with him were back at my table. I’m sure it was a rough choice of where to spend his time. And the dance floor, he’s always the dancing man when he’s drinking. It was just so nice to be out with him. I stayed sober so he could enjoy the evening. It was great. I’m so glad he had fun.

Night before I went out with a dear friend of mine. She and I are so opposite it’s amazing we’re friends. She’s conservative and I’m obviously not, and we have such vastly different political views. she’s Martha Stewart…..and I’m not heh. I adore her though and she and I have such a good time when we go out. I don’t remember a whole lot of our evening. There was a man there who must have won the lottery or something and was buying shots for the bar all night and at last count I did 7 so my memory has every right to be hazy between the shots and my regular drinks that somehow got turned in to doubles. At one point I remember tossing one under the bar so I didn’t have to drink it! It was too many, but they were free so how can you say no? Doctor Boy came to hang out with us for a little while and I remember a little bit of that, but not much. I know we didn’t have sex, but I think I was in his car! Someone should really invent a pill or something that helps you remember your night when you’re drunk.

Now it’s Easter and I’m not a religious person. I feel like we should be doing something because we have no kids here, but I don’t know what to go and do and my husband’s bar tab was so huge last night we should probably just lay here and do nothing, but it feels wrong. So wrong.

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