Daytime lovin….had me a blast!

I was a little too busy yesterday to post about my daytime visitor. Was doing some cleaning in the area and got the message that he was close to my house. He lives so far away that the only time we see each other is when his work takes him to destinations close to my house. He’s got a huge project to do this spring right by my house, so my visits should pick up pace. If that’s the case though I’m going to have to get him some Magnums to have on hand. Poor boy had some issues yesterday.

We’ll just call him Daytime Lover. He has a big cock. It’s always been very nice. We’ve slept together a few times before when the man whore and I were on a break. He’s been around for a long time.

He’s got stamina too, and a nice body. I’m in a debate with a friend of mine of what a skinny body really is. I think DL is skinny, and DB, but she says they are normal. I think because I’m a bigger girl who usually dates larger men that anyone who I can wrap my arms around their waist is pretty skinny! Anyhow, I think DL has an awesome body. However I wish the fucker would shave up his shit. Luckily he’s not super hairy down there, but still do some trimming. Give a girl somethin! And he’s always scruffy on the face and scratches up my face. But dude can last so I tolerate it.

I have a skill for blow jobs. It’s one of the traits in bed I can confidently brag about. I get rave reviews and I just know I rock at it. DL could get a blow job from me and go if I wasn’t so selfish and want mine too lol he never has much time so there’s no way I’m blowing him and giving him a chance to recover so I can get mine. Screw that! So he just gets a little sample until my jaw gets tired cause he’s big. I gave him a nasty, dirty one yesterday too and he was in heaven. First time in a year he’s ever gotten vocal during a blow job. Could tell that was gonna go in the spank bank.

Poor guy couldn’t cum. I know it was the condoms, they were so small on him. I felt really bad. He tried for over an hour and a half and I finally had to stop him. I knew he said he only had an hour when he came in the door so I was trying to be nice, but I felt super bad for the guy. I came. Several times in fact lol and he’s always very concerned with that. I think he was hoping I was going to say he could take the condom off, but that just never happens so he can just hold his cum for someone else or come visit again soon lol He’s an awesome snuggler. He’s one of those pillow talk, let’s snuggle for a while after we’re done with sex. Usually we talk first but since he didn’t have much time he walked in and started making out with me. He must have several women and can’t keep our likes/dislikes straight cause he comes in with the tongue right away and I have to remind him what a distaste I have for the tongue during kissing. So he must confuse me lol.

Oh he can fuck like a rock star. He goes and goes and goes and goes. It’s amazing. So it’s an all around good time when DL comes over. And he looks so sexy when he’s getting dressed and getting undressed. Until next time my sexy, hairy Daytime Lover 😉 I hope he remembers his homework. He is so quiet about what he wants in bed that it’s been a year and we typically don’t get real freaky. He’s started choking me and smacking my ass but those are baby steps. So I told him he had to have some dirty conversations with me at night while he’s home and on his messenger so he didn’t have to be too shy to tell me in person and then I’d make note and just do it without asking since he can’t seem to talk to me about any desires in person lol

I’m getting to the point now that I wonder what’s going to happen if someone I sleep with sees this blog. They read through it and are like holy fuck that’s me, now the whole world knows she had condoms too small for me and I couldn’t cum lmao well I hide their name. That’s good enough.

11 thoughts on “Daytime lovin….had me a blast!

  1. I don’t think you have to worry about these men finding your blog. Unless you tell them you are blogging about them they would never even think about it.

    I also hate tongue kissing! I like a little tongue, but if they are going for the tonsil lick, I am totally turned off and I end it. Immediately. Poor bastards don’t get it but its their loss. I warn them, so whatever.

  2. I just wanted to say, I love your blog! My wife and I have been in an OM for over a year and it’s wonderful. Our communication has grown exponentially. She’s bi and only does stuff with women. I also only do things with women. We do our things seperately and do not swing. I’ve thought about starting my own blog. It would be kind of a guys take. Keep it up!

  3. My husband has the same difficulty – it takes him a long time to climax bareback, but with condoms on, well, it is just about impossible. We have tried various brands, textures, sizes, no luck. Now that we have recently opened up our marriage, I am looking forward to experiencing someone who climaxes quicker. It will make quickies possible! But, I will always want my energizer bunny husband!!!

  4. How did u get it started, the blog I mean. I am interested in telling the guys side (at least mine) to those who have interest. Thanx for the info

  5. Ok I have an account hooligansprose, however, I feel like an idiot. I don’t know where to type the information. Thanx so much for your help 🙂

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