Weekends rock

It appears that I have the most fun on the weekend. Then I use my week to spend time with the family and work and be domestic. However I get out quite a lot during the week too, but it seems that my weekend plans are more fun. And then I feel like I need to hurry and blog about them so I don’t forget. I’m not sure I’ve talked a whole lot about how horrible my memory is. I’m finding more and more that if my life isn’t written down in print I’m going to forget it! I almost screwed up my work today by thinking I needed to be there at 7:00 when it was actually 2:00. That’s a large mistake. Luckily my BlackBerry saved the day and I prepare for myself to screw up in that way.

Friday night I had a nice calm night. Went to visit a friend and dink around on the computer. I got asked to go to a band gig by the female of the couple but I turned it down. I have had my fill of band gigs for a while. They are pretty expensive, and not really my type of music so I just wind up getting drunker than I should. When I’m around loud music I like to be able to bump and grind on some man’s crotch and I don’t know how to bump and grind to this music lol. So I wound up at home by 10:00. Which is pretty shocking for me on a Friday night. The fighter asked me out. He’s been slowly trying to make his way back in to my good graces and it will eventually work but I am making him squirm for a bit first. Even though he got in trouble for a bad sex performance, he did have an amazing one at some point so I know there is hope. We will see.

Saturday brought some sleeping in and I went to go visit a friend and then went to the casino for a little bit, and then remembered that my favorite burger place was by the casino so I went there for lunch. I had been talking with a man on Yahoo messenger for the past few days. I guess we talked a few months ago too but I don’t remember it. He and I were supposed to meet on St. Patty’s day but he wound up too drunk before our dinner plans and I let him off the hook. So I figured I’d see if he was up for a quick early dinner and I think he felt bad about St. Patty’s day as he was there pretty quickly. We talked for 2 hours and it was a really neat talk. He is applying for his residency so we’re going to call him Doctor Boy. He’s so totally not my normal physical type. He’s Indian, short, and skinny. I’m usually a big, bulky, white guy kinda girl but I’m open to trying new things so I’m trying to keep an open mind. He asked me to go out after I was done working but I had plans already.

I don’t justify myself as a swinger because my open marriage is about more than just sex and swingers are just looking for sex. But I do like to date couples. So going to swinger events is a great way to meet new couples to perhaps date. And flirt. There was a swinger event planned at a strip club and I had planned to go to that, which is why I couldn’t go out with Doctor Boy after my work. So I went there and did my flirting, enjoyed the strippers, made out with a few couples, had a few drinks and then scooted out. I never stay for the after party and I’m usually a little shy at these events so I don’t always stay long. And because I am a little shy I tend to drink to help loosen me up and since I drive there on my own I’ve got to be able to drive home so I scoot out before I drink too much lol I had full intention of being a little braver at this event and finding a couple to go home with, but then I woke up to my period so that plan was foiled. My period always ruins my fun. So there was no need to stay for the whole night anyhow so I messaged Doctor Boy and asked if he still wanted to get together and he said yes. Sent me his house address and off I went.

Got there and he gave me the tour of his place, very neat. I was impressed. Single man with toilet paper and it was clean. Very impressed. Could have done without the cat, but I managed. We sat and chatted and he brought out the wine and we talked for a few hours. He showed me some of his electronic gadgets, and we talked. It was neat. He’s a neat person. It was around 4am I think when we finally went to bed. We made out a bit and then he snuggled with me. I woke up and the bed was empty and he must have been waiting for me to wake up as he was in there within minutes of me waking up and snuggled up with me for about an hour and we chatted and made out some more. He is super sweet, but he is not the best kisser and he’s so tiny it just feels awkward. I am really used to big, bulky men who can pick me up and throw me around. He’s also super eager in his motions. It’s so hard to explain. Like he’s just so excited he goes in so quick for everything lol. I am being super picky. I need to just knock it off. As 2 people told me today; I’m not going to marry him so just have some fun. I’m so picky it’s pathetic. He’s so innocent too in the way he lives. He follows all the rules, he’s really close with his parents, he is very intelligent, and I fear I may corrupt him. The whole doctor thing is kind of sexy though. He’s got the perfect situation. So we will see. We’re chatting on Yahoo while I’m blogging, which is why it’s taking me forever to get through this blog. We will see. He just asked me out for this week so I’ll at least do that and see how it goes. I went home and then had to do some more work and then came home for some time with the family. My husband made us a great dinner. It was a nice night.

Before this weekend I went out on St. Patty’s day. I’d report what happened but I drank so much all I remember is some socializing with a friend, and the female of the couple I’ve referred to and then I remember nothing. Apparantly I fell out of bed as I found a bruise on my arm, but I don’t even remember being in bed. My drunken Facebook posts and pictures make it seem like I had a good time but I’ll never know. I never do well when I pour my own free drinks. Never. Ever. Ever. I have got to be getting on her nerves with my drunkenness by now lol.

Mr. Jackass is doing a horrible job at confirming dates for our trip so I’ve just given up. I knew that wouldn’t work out but I get to put the blame for this one on him. The man whore and I had a nice little chat on Thursday. Such a nice chat it put a smile on my face for the day.

3 thoughts on “Weekends rock

  1. I am not a swinger either. And you are right, there is more to this open marriage then sex.
    Yummy big men Rock! Lil guys are not.. its something about power there. A big guy can put the hurtin on ya were a little guy will be all lovey and ugh.. boney!! LOL

  2. “I don’t justify myself as a swinger because my open marriage is about more than just sex and swingers are just looking for sex.”

    That is such a broad stetment. I do consider myself a “swinger” for lack of a better term and I can say that I do look for more than just sex. We (a married couple) both look for way more than that and have so far had great luck in finding it. All except one of our relationships with other couples have been long term and involve friendship outside of anything sexual.

    That is one random one night hookup ever… and all our friends are of the swinger scene.

    It is true that some self proclaimed swingers are just looking for sex, but it is also true of every other type of fring group.

    Swingers come in all types.

  3. I think when I think of swingers my mind always goes to the after party. And the quick swap and move to the next couple. That is what I refer to when I mean just sex. The hook ups and friendships that occur on sites like SLS are definitely not the swinger type I define. Thanks for reading 🙂

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