Sex with Mr. Jackass

I really should name him something else but when we were lying in bed and I told him about it he giggled so it’ll stick cause he usually pisses me off 90% of the time. Man whore couldn’t make it on Friday night for a very legitimate reason, so I had a back up plan. Mr. Jackass. I really didn’t think he would come either. In fact I had just started a movie when he texted and said he was on his way. Bless his heart he even knew if man whore said yes he’d get bumped lol and he still came. I think he was desperate for some sex. Hey I don’t care, so was I lol

We have a 45 minute drive to each other’s houses so it’s a bit of a haul. However it’s always so cute with him. He’s so intimate. Exact opposite of man whore sex. And exactly what I was craving. Every time we see each other there’s a “hi” and then boom, off to make out! He’s a good kisser, I won’t deny him that. Very good. He doesn’t get me all soaking wet with his tongue and knows just the right balance to use. I tried to have a little conversation first but I could tell by the way he walked in there would be none of that lol. It was his first time to my house so I actually wavered a little bit before I decided what to wear. Went with a silky nightie thing that I feel totally absurd in but he said “nice choice” so I must have done well. Next time he comes he gets sweats and a t shirt lmao. When I go to his house he’s always in shorts and a t shirt so I think it’s only fair.

Now the thing with Mr. Jackass that keeps me going back for more is he’s so incredibly in to cuddling and rubbing and making out and just being intimate. Which I do not get in a lot of places. I mean my husband will but not when sex is involved. Mr. Jackass has that kind of sex where he lays right on top of me while he’s in me and holds his arms around me. That is completely hot. That’s enough to make me look past the fact that he doesn’t know how to pick up a phone and say hello until he’s alone lol

The other thing I find completely cute about him is the fact he’s so innocent about sex. He hasn’t done a lot, he hasn’t been around a lot, and he is just so out of his norm by having sex with me that it’s a turn on. In fact I had him use my glass on me and I could instantly tell he didn’t know what he was doing so with some questioning found out he’s never used a dildo or toy of any kind on a woman. I was in shock. And at this point I thought well gosh I hope I don’t freak him out. Here I am handing him my favorite glass dildo, and I’m using a bullet on my clit and he’s probably thinking “holy fuck what do I do?” hahaha it was great. And he gets this little tone when you try and give him guidance that is just adorable. I can’t tell if he’s annoyed I’m bossing him around or if he’s nervous. I asked and he said he doesn’t mind that I tell him what to do and show him so I don’t know what the change in his voice tone is but it’s absolutely adorable. He’s not used to changing things up in bed, he’s just used to routine and so I made sure we had some variety in there for him. Started with a blow job for him to get the quick shot out of the way, then he had to get me off twice (I even told him it had to be twice lol), and then he could have some sex. And he felt awesome during the sex too. I wish he was louder. I always have to kind of guess when he’s coming because he’s so damn quiet but I can usually figure it out. Would be way hot if he would make some noise. He’s started making noise during his blow jobs for me, but it doesn’t seem to carry over to when we’re having sex. And he always hops off so damn fast after he cums it’s like you hit a button and he must. move. now. lol I think he hates having a condom on. Or hell if I know what the immediate rush to remove the condom is all about. He always tries to sneak it in without a condom like I’m not going to notice lol So I don’t think he’s a huge fan of them.

Then we had some fabulous pillow talk and cuddle time and for a change I got to fall asleep in my own bed. He left me nice and sleepy and I slept like a baby and didn’t even wait up to see if he made it all the way home. It was great. He’s invited me to go away with him on a work trip in April and I doubt that it happens but it’d be nice if it did. Spoke with the husband in case and he’d be happy to stay home with the kids while I went so it’d be nice if it did happen. We’ll see.

But finally I got the intimacy that I’ve been needing. Very nice. And I’ll be a little nicer to him for a few weeks now because of it lol well until he acts like a jackass again and starts pissing me off 😉

One thought on “Sex with Mr. Jackass

  1. Awesome posting! I think you are getting the blogging thing down.
    I have a Mr.Asshole myself.. except he is Mr.Shy. He has some serious training to go thru as well. But they are so fun to play with!
    Glad you had a great time!

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